Stirling Marathon

The build up to Stirling was nerve wracking. I was struggling to concentrate on anything other than Carbs, marathon chat and not developing the flu. What I most remember from last week is a lengthy discussion with Tony from Get Scotland Active. It was…

May 25, 2017

Troon 10k

I left work early to get the train to Troon with my friends. It was a beautiful sunny day so I was excited to test myself in the heat. Obviously living in Glasgow you don’t get much in terms of Sunshine and after months…

May 11, 2017

London Baby! With a quick dash to Edinburgh

I was asked to work at the London Marathon expo this year. Although it was going to take me out of my own training schedule it was an opportunity that I could not refuse. Myself and John travelled to London by train. It meant…

April 29, 2017

Run with the Wind half marathon

I thought it would be wise to test this route out. I had been told it was a tough one but I have been working hard on hills recently and felt ready for the challenge. Myself and my friend Iain set off on our…

February 20, 2017
Jenna Blog 2

Running a little Dirty!

So I’m not a girly girl by any means but I do have a slight bit of OCD and like to keep clean. But I am a massive outdoors girl and have been wanting to try a bit of trail running for quite some…

January 22, 2017
Jenna blog

Let’s not get broken!

So I managed to talk my friends into doing the Stirling Marathon in May. We are all different runners in terms of pace and preferred distance. We will not race together but we will bring the best out in each other. I feel stronger…

January 22, 2017

UKRunChat Stop Hunger 10k

Learning of the news of our Club affiliation we thought it was time to plan our own run. I had met Chris and Gemma while working at the Shrewsbury half marathon and I was intrigued by their work and the Sodexo Foundation. We decided…

September 28, 2016
Run Forest Run


How do you get back speed? So I have decided to do Parkrun again every week. For me a race type environment is the only time I do really push on and take myself to that place. Since marathon training and injury I can…

August 17, 2016
Ladies at Parkrun


Myself and the UkRunChat Glasgow girls decided to test our training and do a Parkrun. I am a big fan of Parkrun but since marathon training I have been replacing my Parkruns for Slow long runs at the weekend. On training runs I have…

May 16, 2016
Manchester Marathon

Manchester Marathon April 2016

The build up to this day was strange for me. I had not run in four weeks due to bad Shin Splints. My Physio was surprised I was going ahead but it was safe to say that she did fix me and I was…

April 14, 2016