Let’s not get broken!

January 22, 2017
Jenna blog

So I managed to talk my friends into doing the Stirling Marathon in May. We are all different runners in terms of pace and preferred distance. We will not race together but we will bring the best out in each other. I feel stronger knowing that my friends will be involved in my journey this year and I will look to them for help and support.

Training requires discipline. I have that in abundance natural flare is something I don’t. I am a bit obsessed with running but I am definitely not great at it. I am absolutely not a natural so training is tough for me and I have to work hard. I have decided to follow a three day run plan this year and include more strength and conditioning. I was doing very well last year towards Manchester Marathon until I reached mid February. I was starting to get really sore shin pain and no amount of physio was helping this problem. I was not stopping and stupidly continued to run. But it was becoming impossible and I had to pull out of races leading up to Manchester that I wanted to tackle to build my confidence. I did complete Manchester Marathon but not the way I should have. I’ve decided to pay more attention to my body this year and work hard at building my strength while juggling parenthood, a full time job and coaching. I am getting there and luckily for me I have good friends within the industry happy to help me on my way at reduced rates! Lets just get into this plan!

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