August 17, 2016
Run Forest Run

How do you get back speed? So I have decided to do Parkrun again every week. For me a race type environment is the only time I do really push on and take myself to that place. Since marathon training and injury I can not seem to find this little guy anywhere. To give myself the ultimate push I decided to take myself to Tollcross. I deliberately avoided this particular Parkrun in the past due to the hills there. Not because I avoid hills only because that’s for another session. But I have really got to know the team when I marshal and they are all fantastic. I turned up in May with a few of our runners. Standing there I realised that I was still sore and not mentally ready for this run. I focused on the hill and how I was going to get up there. I started as I do every run, too fast! I got to the top of the hill and felt not bad so I relaxed into my run. I noticed many adopting a walk run strategy as I made my way around the course. This is absolutely not for me so I decided to keep plodding away possibly quicker walking but none the less running. As I approached the end I felt so relieved and exhausted. But as I watched my friends run in I felt determined more than ever that I was going to improve. We were going to improve together!

I have managed to knock almost 4 minutes off my Park run time since the end of May. I still have a long way to go but I am going in the right direction. The support I have had over the last few weeks has been insane. One older gent is always shouting at me trying to push me on. If looks could kill I am sure he would not make the next week but I am grateful that hes there fueling my confidence.

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