May 16, 2016
Ladies at Parkrun

Myself and the UkRunChat Glasgow girls decided to test our training and do a Parkrun. I am a big fan of Parkrun but since marathon training I have been replacing my Parkruns for Slow long runs at the weekend. On training runs I have noticed my pace is almost snail like and I wanted to test my own ability at a faster pace. I was aiming for a sub 26 mins just to get myself back into it again. I was up bright and early and ready to go for it. I picked up a few of the girls and they too were excited. We got to the front and it was cold! It was very busy too. We all run together at our club but today I wanted to test myself so I mentioned to the girls that I was running solo today. I could see one of the girls looked nervous but I reassured her that she was more than ready for this.

I immediately sprinted off but I really struggled to get past the crowds. I was weaving in and out and having a tough time getting past people. The first mile was a struggle for me and I was shocked at how difficult I was finding it. I could feel my pace slowing down again, when I looked up I noticed a small child weaving in and out. In that moment I decided to get a grip and push on! Things started to improve and I made a sprint to the finish. I turned to my left and noticed one of my team sprinting past me! I could not catch her. But I felt very proud that she was going for it. 27 mins was my time, not quite where I was before but every day is a school day!

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