Running a little Dirty!

January 22, 2017
Jenna Blog 2

So I’m not a girly girl by any means but I do have a slight bit of OCD and like to keep clean. But I am a massive outdoors girl and have been wanting to try a bit of trail running for quite some time. I have been pace training frequently recently and was immediately drawn to the carefree attitude of some amazing trail runners that I had met over the last few years. I agree to everything and don’t think it through so when my friend mentioned some trail running I was more than willing to try. As impulsive as I am I went out and purchased a new pair of trail shoes. Absolute belters I must add could I really envisage these bad boys getting filled with mud? They looked too perfect for that but could it really be that bad?

Iain picked me up and we ventured off on our Sunday run to Mugdock Park Glasgow hosted by Glasgow Trailfest. There was a good few of us taking part and after we were given a briefing of the route we were off. I was loving the nice relaxed pace chatting away to some nice folk and appreciating the beautiful scenery. The weather was pleasant and I was not struggling as much as I though I might considering we were getting some good hills in. Half way into the run we stopped to allow others to catch up and I noticed Jo leading us onto a different path. This definitely looked a bit more trail! Over a few tree branches we went, across a few rivers then HIYA mud! What was I meant to do about this? My brand new Salomon’s were trying their best to grip onto the land underneath the mud. I felt myself eating a bit of dirt that had somehow landed on my face. Nice! So this was trail running. I had to think tactics now, not just how to run up that hill I was thinking how do I even get up that hill?! Ankles were starting to nip a little funnily enough but I soon got the hang of it. I looked back as I heard screams as people lost their shoes to the mud! I believe the cows were having a right laugh at us trying to avoid the mud baths. I noticed my big pal Forrest Gump was belting out none of his usual 3.5 min Kms!

As we got to the end of the run I stopped my watch to reveal a cool 6k. It felt easily like 6 miles. I loved every minute of it. This was topped off by watching the Mile sprint. My friend Iain won and now holds the record there. I am so proud of him! As we sat in the local coffee shop afterwards I looked down at my new shoes. I couldn’t see where my ankles started as the mud was up to my shins. Will I be back Trail running? I believe I will be! #RunDirty

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