UKRunChat Stop Hunger 10k

September 28, 2016

Learning of the news of our Club affiliation we thought it was time to plan our own run. I had met Chris and Gemma while working at the Shrewsbury half marathon and I was intrigued by their work and the Sodexo Foundation. We decided to do a Virtual 10k Run to test how far we had come as a club since March. Another reason was we wanted to celebrate with a big night out eat all the food and have a few refreshments. If we could make some money for charity then everyone was winning.

I was overwhelmed by the support of the running community. People volunteered to Marshal the run, pace and provide water. Our sponsor ‘Newton Arms’ organised our night back at the pub. The local catering company who happens to be my mammy provided a fabulous buffet for us all. The local cake shop baked us the most delicious cake with our club logo and our friends and family came out in force to clap and cheer. We were so excited which could only mean one thing…… PB’s getting dished out all over the place!

The run itself was not easy! I made sure the top man Paul Collins aka the boss put in some rapid inclines when mapping out the route. We started at Newton and went all the way to Parkhead on the Clyde cycle route. The last two marshal’s waited to direct us back the same way. This was deliberate to ensure that there was always someone around when running as the Clyde cycle route can be a lonely place. There was a water stop at mile 3 and again at mile 7 to ensure my buddies were hydrated. I was the last running marshal to ensure everyone made it around the course safely as this was a familiar route to me. I did a briefing to the runners before we set off and they all nodded to show their understanding. Or at least I thought that they all understood.

We set off and I could hear the chatting diminishing in the distance as the runners started to get into their stride and race. I approached the 3 mile mark to be greeted with our lovely Marshal’s singing dancing and handing out water. It was perfect. It was a warm night and as I approached the 4 mile mark I could hear a stampede of front runners heavy breathing running towards me for their last two miles of the race. A high five as they raced on cautious of the next runner catching their tail! I did notice that one of my guys was missing from the ‘fast pack’ and wondered if he had stopped to help another runner. As I approached the last two Marshal’s at Parkhead I asked if they had noticed James? They asked me to describe what he had on. Its a good job I have a great memory as I described what clobber James was wearing. They both chuckled nervously as they insisted a guy that fitted this description sprinted past without any eye contact. They presumed he was not part of our club as they waved the 5K marker around! I turned back with Lorraine and the other two Marshal’s as she was doing fab and I didn’t want to worry her. But we had lost James!!

The next 3 miles were hard for me as I was genuinely worried as James is from another area of Glasgow and it was a Friday night and a perfect place for Glasgow neds to hang around! We finished the race on a Gradual hill that seemed to never end….. Who thought up this route? I passed the last few marshals clapping and pushing us on to the finish! We collected our amazing medals and got some pics taken. I immediately called the marshals on route to advise that James had run too far and I would try calling him. We were all concerned but I asked everyone to go to the pub and enjoy their night. I decided to drive past the route and see if I could see James, he obviously wasn’t answering his phone. I drove around for over 30 minutes and then my phone started to ring. I parked up to answer to be told that James had finished the race. Good job for the old Garmin showing that he run 22K! Pub time for me!! I’m not a massive drinker but I enjoyed the food, company and singing. We had a fabulous night and as the pub closed our Joanne took the party to her house! We raised a few hundred for Sodexo so it was a successful night. I cant wait to do it again on a greater scale!

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